Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The RV dealer received a call from the factory today. Had to make a few necessary changes to some items that are no longer offered on the 2007 unit. Not happy about them but we just had to make other choices.

SABLE was the interior trim we had liked in the unit that I wrote about but it is no longer available. Plus the MERLOT carpet is not the same shade. We decided on BIRCH trim and tan carpet. All fabric including window trimmings and molding around the doors will be different as will as mid-wall border.

The trailer doesn't have a lot of carpet ( a plus for us) but I liked the way the nice MERLOT carpet livened it up.

The sofa has been redesigned. The one shown has cushions made on the arms that fold over when you make it into a bed. The new style has arms and throw cushions. The BIRCH sofa will have a slight yellowish tint we are not thrilled with. The other color choices were not to our liking.


Anonymous said...

When we built our house a few years ago the contractor didn't do everything the way we wanted. It was a fight to the bitter end. By the time the house was finished we felt whipped, I wasn't even sure I wanted to move into our house. My parents knew of all the frustations and aggravation we had dealt with and one night my dad said to us, "I want you two to move into that house and make it into a home for you and your kids." I guess he said the right words at the right time. With a new thought in our minds we did move in and over the next months and years we have made it into a home. We love it here. Our kid's friends love our house, they think it is cozy. (small house) There a few things we hope to change one day, improve on some of the workmanship, but I guess my point is this, not always is everything as we want it, but the thing that is most important is to make it into a home, no matter what the color or the workmanship or whatever. You and your wife seem to be pretty flexible. Disappointed, yes, but I think you will love your new RV and some day you won't even think about the color or the carpet, at least not so much. :)

Your posts are very informative and so interesting! I can't wait for you to get the RV now!

Anvilcloud said...

We had somewhat of a merlot coloured carpet in our last house. It looked nice, but it showed the specks so much that we had to vacuum it far too often.

Annie said...

I'm thinking there's a good chance you'll be glad to have the more neutral colors since you'll have much more freedom to spark it up with color in pictures of the wall or throws/pillows on the sofa, etc.

Anvilcloud makes an excellent point about how dark colored carpets show dirt/dust/etc and require daily, sometimes twice daily, vacuuming.


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