Saturday, January 27, 2007

Long Day

For several years my Saturday morning run took me thru the back roads loading a truck and then up to Pangburn . I received inspiration for a few stories, my favorite being about the amputee motorcyclist.

A few months back, that run was changed as the load became to large to be put on one trailer. So we now deliver a trailer to two different places. The truck I used to load now gets a trailer but for scheduling it has to be delivered the night before. Since I couldn't be two places at one time, I was switched to running the Monticello and Hamburg run (also producing a couple of posts).

The man that was on Monticello/Hamburg has wanted the run back. Things were worked around and starting last Saturday, he has his old run back and I am doing the Pangburn run again as well as being "on call" for 4 hours.

Yesterday while down at Texarkana, my boss calls and asked if I could do BOTH runs today because the other driver has the flue. Being the team player (yea, right ) I am, I said sure.

14 hours and 398 mile later, I finally made it home. Sure is nice to be loved.


Linda said...

Fourteen hours, isn't there a law against that? By the way, congratulations on your new digs!

Annie said...

You're the kind of employee every employer wants.

But take care of yourself. That's your first job!


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