Saturday, January 06, 2007

Van Dwellers

I belong to several "Yahoo Groups" (discussion forums, for those who don't know). One of those being Van Dwellers.

The group discusses living, traveling or both in a van. Some people live full time in their vans for several reasons.

I knew a man nearing retirement that had lost everything because of bad decisions (some of them he was still making), He was living in his company work van and few people (his boss looked the other way) knew it. We are not talking about a RV van but a stripped out work van.

A van like this one represents what most people want while others would be happy to have something like this.

This is actually a deer camp with electricity and an outhouse (small building on the left). The deer camp is 50 yard off US425, south of Monticello, Arkansas, and just over a mile from the University.


Michelle said...

Very interesting. There has been a lot of this type of living in the news here. Rental accomodation is just sky rocketing so people are choosing this way to live. Some are even using shipping containers to live in, ad van parks are charging around $200AU for the privildge per week.

Annie said...

Shelter from nature's storms, that's the important thing. I could do it as long as I didn't have to live with anyone else in the "house".

Carole Burant said...

If cost of living keeps rising like it is, we're ALL going to have no choice but to start living in our cars..or vans! I think that's pretty ingeneous the way that van was converted to live in...sometimes living the simple life is the way to go!!

Female Vandweller said...

I agree with Pea. With all the forclosures going on and the economy with no jobs there are some people who are forced into this lifestyle. For me it's a decision to change my life and live differently.


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