Monday, January 08, 2007

FEMA travel trailer

Today I probably saw at least 100 FEMA travel trailers heading east on I-30. The FEMA trailers are easy to spot.

Normal travel trailers have many windows, several vents (14"x14" opening skylights), large skylight in the bathroom, air conditioner, and a large vent for the rv (gas or electric)fridge. The FEMA trailers only one or two windows and only an A/C on top.

The FEMA trailers are really "park models". Meaning they have an electric apartment fridge and normal commode. Several must have been "all-electric" because there was no propane tanks on the tongue.

Hope, Arkansas has been a staging area for FEMA mobile homes and I guess they also had these travel trailers . After I pasted Hope , I no longer saw any trailers.

I just wondered where they were headed.

1 comment:

Annie said...

If they can travel they must be usable. It's been distressing to know they were bought and then left to sit. I hope they're either sold or given to those who can use them.


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