Friday, January 12, 2007

One Month

A month ago I was assigned a new truck to drive. I have really enjoying having a nice truck to drive.

In a month I have put about 7,000 on it. Not a lot by truck driving standards but I have from 2 to 4 hours labor every day loading trucks.

My Texarkana run has changed from pulling doubles to pulling a long trailer. Also this is my last week to go to Monticello and Hamburg on Saturdays. I will return to going to Heber Springs on Saturdays.

Also our company has changed to Blue Cross from Humana as our insurance carrier. Only time will tell how that will work out. I will say I haven't been pleased with Humana.


Annie said...

Pulling a long trailer on the little highways must require some real skill.

When we had Blue Cross we were very satisfied. Hope you are too.


squire said...

Annie, the two trailers takes more skill as they are longer over all and pivot in the middle. The back trailer has a whipping affect.

Annie said...

Yes, pulling two trailers would test the driver's skill, I imagine. Sometimes when I see people pulling U-haul trailers with a car attached I just want to get out of the way.

Gary said...

Be careful, I imagine there is a lot of ice on the roads this time of year.


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