Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Can I have an "Amen"?

Please lend me a hand as I am about to get on my "soapbox" again.

The older I get the more I like things to be traditional. We were having pizza the other day and two young punks were at a table across from us. Now I know pizza is not "fine dining", but one of these fine young men was eating while wear a baseball cap backwards.

Baseball caps are to be worn in one way and one way only.

Worn like this!

Not off to one side!

Unless you are about to put on a catcher mask, it is NEVER to be worn backwards, and by-the-way punk, SHAVE.

While eating the only place for a baseball cap is OFF.


Zac said...

Even your own son will only wear a cap if it's on backwards...otherwise it just looks stupid because of the shape of my head.

Anonymous said...


Now aren't you glad your Momma taught you better than that?

squire said...

You Know if you were it like that around me, I WILL reshape you head.

squire said...

See you have me so upset I can't even spell "wear".

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Ellie said...

This is my husband's pet peeve as well. He constantly "reminds" our son to take his cap off to eat. It is a different age now and the kids see others not taking it off to eat and next thing it is a fad and nobody does it. Our son does not eat with his on with his dad around! So, I will say...Amen.


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