Tuesday, June 12, 2007

France - Angers part 2

After the castle we visited a church and decided to have pizza for lunch. Pizza is inexpensive and provides the much needed carbs for all the walking.

Most pizzas in France are served with an egg on them.

I shot this photo of Zac and Matt as we wandered the streets of Angers. Everyone walks in France and I found it very pleasant to roam the streets.

Who can resist ice cream from Italy? Good thing we are doing so much walking.

If I haven't mentioned it before, Matt is from England and teaches at the University with Zac and Emily. They all work out of the same small office and have become very good friends. Emily and the other Emily ( both from the northeast in the US, [the other Emily is teaching high school in Le Mans]) had plans for the day and could not join us.

The girls had visited with me at the bar the night before and Matt had laid back as he knew we would have today to visit.

Matt and I hit it off right away. I can't stand the English accent that is portrayed on American tv but found his refreshing

We visited a museum with tapestries. Not my cup of tea, but the boys enjoyed it and I got some much needed rest. The "old rugs" were hanging in a large room and I sat most of the time while they viewed each one.

Zac and I had coffee and Matt had "a spot of tea" before we boarded the train back to Le Mans. It was a wonderful outing and visit.

As Matt and I talked, I mentioned the lack of pickup trucks in France and asked about them in England. He responded with, "Oh, pickups, those are the SUVs with trailers on the back. No, not many in England". I thought I would die laughing.


Zac said...

You failed to mention your disgust at the egg on the pizza. It's still an ongoing story here about how offended you were by the idea. One of Matt's favorite memories.

Ellie said...

Egg on pizza. UGH! I would have to ask for them to please omit the egg.


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