Tuesday, June 26, 2007

France - School days

Zac had to work ( if you want to call it that ) Monday and Tuesday, so I went to the university with him.

I was "show and tell" for his classes. He gave them about 10 minutes to write questions to find out as much as possible about me. He only introduced me as a "guest". He also told them that no question was "off- limits" but be prepared because I WOULD give them my opinion if asked.

I didn't take long for them to figure out I was Zac's dad. After that, the questions became very interesting. I knew they would ask about the war, but there was one question that caught me off guard.

I was asked if every American owned a gun. Not being a gun owner myself, it was rather hard to explain America's love affair with guns. All they ever hear about is the gun violence in America. After hearing them talk about it, I understand their fears about coming to America. When asked if they wanted to visit America, I would see actual fear in them as they said "no".

I never once felt "uneasy" in France and it is a shame for young people (the most trusting of all) to feel their life is in danger if visiting here.

I really enjoyed my time with these young people and felt their energy and excitement about their futures. What a marvelous time in life.

I have always supported Zac in his decisions but I can say I always thought he was destined for greater things than being an educator. After seeing the aplomb he exhibited in the classroom, I put my doubts to rest. All I ever wanted was for him to be happy and in the classroom he is truly that. As a college professor he should have a great life. What more could a parent ask for.

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Anonymous said...

What greater thing is there than being a teacher?


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