Sunday, June 17, 2007

France - back in Le Mans

Sunday morning we went to the "outdoor market" before we headed to the race track.
It was a walk of just over half an hour.

I enjoyed walking around and watching the French people just going about their everyday lives.

You can imagine my surprise to see this monument honoring the Wright brothers on the corner of the square. We think of them only as American heroes but their popularity was world wide.

The square is part of "old town" Le Mans. I tried to show just how difficult walking on cobblestone streets can be. It's no wonder that most older French people use a walking cane. Every stone is at a little different level and rounded on the top. I found it very hard on my hip joints.

This photo was taken in "old town" looking down to the modern Le Mans. The market square was just to the left of the traffic signal in the photo.

With no tourist walking around, one can immerse themselves in the French way of life. That is what visiting another country is all about.

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