Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Deck-day 3

Day 3 was another shorter day as we had company after I had worked a few hours. After visiting and relaxing, I just was too tired to resume working.

The day started with another trip to Home Depot for more 2x4's and balusters. After day 2 and working out how far apart I wanted the balusters. I knew how many more I needed.

I decided I didn't like the long span across the back and added a post to make it look a little more like the front.

I still had one more piece of 4x4 that I could use for the post from the decking to the hand rail. I could add two 2x4's screwed together for the post that goes from the deck to the ground when I underpin everything.

I cut the 2x4 under the hand rail, cut the post to fit, and screwed it in place. The bottom of the post is attached by screws from under the flooring so it does not look "added on". I added the balusters and that finished the back.

The small section by the front steps was next. It was pretty straight forward.

The balusters for the step hand rails were a different matter. I wanted the top cut at the same angle as the top rail and the bottom would be a compound angle. A 45 degree at the bottom like all the rest but also cut on the bias to match the top rail. Hard to see the compound angle from the picture but it turned out nice.

One more little detail and it would be finished except for the under pinning.

The transition from the top rail to the top rail on the steps needed a little attention. I could have tapered the top rail on the step but I didn't like that idea.

I cut a small wedge and screwed it in place and called the top " FINISHED".

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