Thursday, June 07, 2007

Deck-day 4

Today I wrapped up the deck by underpinning it.

Sometimes it is the little details that no one notices that make one job look a little nicer that the next one. You really can't see it in the photo but the two panels on the right have the outside boards on the lattice work running toward the center at the top and the two on the left do the same. This centers your vision on the middle of the deck.

This photo shows the post I added under the deck to match it top post I had added to break the long span.

I wanted to be able to store stuff under the deck. I thought about putting hinges on the panels but I also wanted to remove the panels when I move the deck. Hinges would have to be unscrewed and that leads to sloppy screw holes. Plus 7 sets of hinges would add almost $75 to the project.

If you enlarge this picture you will see the "spikes" I used. They shove in flush but I pulled them out so you could see them. All 7 panels have 4 holes drilled and the spikes inserted. Holes were then drilled in the posts so the spikes can be a "slip" fit.

Remove the 2 top spikes and the panel can be tilted down.

Remove the 2 bottom spikes and the panel can be tilted up.

Remove all 4 spikes and the panel can be removed. At $.08 a spike the 7 panels cost $2.24 for "hinges" the fit my needs.

I am not telling you this is the way to build a deck but just showing you how I built mine.

I spent about 35 hours building the deck. Heck, that means it only cost about $20 an hour to have "all this fun".


Anonymous said...

Between the refurbishing of the Fiaro's valve covers, the building of a computer desk, and the construction of this deck, it is apparent that you are quite an excellent craftsman. I've got a lot of projects around here that could use your skills - wanna help?

Annie said...

It looks like you have a whole other room now - perfectly lovely for sitting outside on pretty evenings. You did some great carpentry here, Squire. I imagine everyone around is thinking they should build something like it now.


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