Monday, August 21, 2006

All in a days work

I can post pictures again thanks to Pea. Here is the post on her blog. . Hopes this helps anyone else having problems. Watch her though, I offered her a hug or a box of chocolates and she asked for both.

My boss called before I was supposed to go to work ( that ain't never a good sign ) and after the usual bs we have for each other, he comes up with this little ditty.

He says, "On your way to Texarkana, I need you to go by Crossett".

On the map Little Rock is "1" and Texarkana is "3" and if you follow the red I-30 line you can see it is a straight shot. Crossett is "2" and somehow I don't think it is "on my way to Texarkana".

The loading crew had left a pallet (45 cases or 180 gallons) of milk off the trailer that went to the Crossett Wal-Mart store. I get the pleasure of driving a little out of my way on 2 lane roads to deliver it.

Everything went smoothly and the store people were great ( that is usually not the case with Wallyworld stores) to work with and had me out in about 15 minutes. Just check the temperature of the milk and roll it off the truck.

It has been some time since I drove hwy 82 so I was enjoying my renewal with the route. I was hoping to get a picture of the sign at the Lewisville Chevy dealership but it had gone out of business. It's one of those things that has to be seen ( and if you are old enough ) to get a laugh out of you. The sign had Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, and the name of the owner. It looked like this.


Not very amusing in print but the sign made me smile every time I saw it. It made me want to stop and try to buy a HUDSON HORNET. Probably would have gotten a some strange looks from a young car salesman. Youth is truly wasted on the young.

Since I had started my day earlier than usual I arrived at Texarkana about my normal time. All I had to do was unload about half the milk off the trailer onto a city delivery truck and swap out the trailer with the rest of the milk for the empty trailer that was there.

No, no, things are never that simple when you are having "one of those days". After loading the city delivery truck I noticed the trailers refer was acting funny. So rather than risk it not cooling properly overnight, I get to unload the rest of it onto the trailer I was supposed to bring back.

When the day is over you just look back and thing, " Heck, it wasn't that bad".


Carole Burant said...

Ok c'mon, give it up...I'm still waitin' for my hug and chocolates!!!! hehe I'm really so glad it's working for you...that's thanks enough:-) Don't you love it when the boss says "it's on your way"?? Glad your day ended up not being too bad after all!! Take care!

Mountain Mama said...

Sounds like you did some traveling. I'm glad the wallyworld prople were good to you.

Kerri said...

Isn't Pea a clever/helpful girl? I might download that other browser too.
I loved reading your post about the scooters and bikes you've owned. That must've been a nasty experience hitting the St.Bernard.


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