Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Just my luck

I have driven the Fiero to work several days as I continue to work on it. It runs great and I am enjoying it.

Judy's brother and his wife came over so I started the Fiero and moved it to make room for all the vehicles. It was the first time they had seen the little car so I decided to give the brother-in-law a ride to impress him with it power and how great it runs.

We get in and I start it and move a few feet and it dies. That's not to unusual for a carburetored car that is cold. I start it again and pull out of the drive-way and just as we go about 100 feet and over the crest of a small ridge, it dies again and will not start.

I do not hear the electric fuel pump running so I know it will not start. I don't think he was too impressed with pushing it back up the hill to the drive-way.

I checked the fuel pump with a test light and both the hot and ground are working but the pump will not work.

The next day I need to let it roll further down the drive and when I put the key in to unlock the steering wheel I hear the fuel pump and now it starts great. I drove around awhile and killed it several times and it starts right up. I think it just does not like my brother-in-law. Well, really I think I need to see how many amps it is pulling to determine if it is going bad.


Linda said...

I had to replace the fuel pump on my mail truck so they replaced the entire gas tank. My backup mail car is dying like your Fiero--probably another fuel pump & gas tank. Is this a conspiracy? Why do they make it so expensive to replace a simple fuel pump?

Anonymous said...

Maybe your Fiero heard me call it a Flintstone car. Glad it's running now. Don't venture too far from home. I would hate to hear your story on the 10'o clock news..."Bald headed man seen pushing Fiero down interstate".

Anonymous said...

I think your fuel pump is rebelling against $3.00/gallon gasoline!

Annie said...

What a funny story. That car either doesn't like your brother-in-law or it has a great sense of humor and played a trick on you!

Carole Burant said...

Don't you know that's when these kinda things happen??? lol It would never happen when you're alone....nooooo it has to wait until you're trying to show someone else!!

Kerri said...

It's Murphy's Law! If I tell my husband there's something wrong with the car it'll never do 'the wrong thing' while he's in the car.
But hey, if your BIL called it a Flintstone car, no wonder it acted up! Cars have feelings too you know ! :)


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