Friday, August 11, 2006

A rich man's greed?

Vilonia, Ar. is just a wide spot on hwy 64 that is a bedroom community for Little Rock and Conway. The only businesses in town front the highway. Truly a wide-spot in the road. It has a large school for the population of the town because of the school bus routes.

Ar. hwy 107 is a hilly, narrow, curvey 2 lane road with no shoulders that leads from Little Rock to Vilonia. This is a very busy road in the mornings as people travel to their jobs in Little Rock. About 3 miles south of Vilonia there is a housing development being built on otherwise near useless hilly land. The development is for more upscale homes. All that I can see from the highway are 2 story in the 3500 to 5000s.f. range ( just a guess on my part ).

The man developing the land has sold Vilonia School District land that is undesirable for a home. It lies between the highway and a hill so there would be no view from a home. Vilonia plans to place its elementary school 3 miles out of town on this land.

This spot is at the bottom of a steep hill that often receives ice in the winter. In my opinion this is a tragedy waiting to happen.

Vilonia School District bought the land for $10. Hey, the rich guy has to have a price to calculate his tax writeoff. Plus he hopes it will jump start his land sales. Nice little concept. How can the school board put students at risk over money. Seems someone is in the developers pocket.

I'm just glad the only day I have to drive this road with my "big rig" is Saturdays.


Annie said...

An interesting story - I'm going to take a drive along that route and look it over.

Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

Money talks...and at this moment we are watching several new homes being built on land that floods by a nearby creek, and we can't understand how they ever got building permits.

Gary said...

That DOES sound scary. I would thing are some point the school board would realize this.


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