Sunday, August 13, 2006

Zest for life

The automobile market in Little Rock is dominated by two or three companies that has several dealerships to try to cover the whole market. Car ads are all you hear on the radio.

Crain Automotive Group's ads are quite annoying as they think that "yelling" will get your attention. They do it for every one of their dealerships. Reminds me of the 60's when the ads for drag racing had the slogan, "SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY", yelled at you.

Don't yell at me and then except me to make a purchase from you.

In 1960 we were living in Calpella, Ca. and we bought soap in a bag at the grocery store. In the bag was several bars of unwrapped soap bars in three colors, white (coconut), yellow (vanilla), and light purple (lavenda or lilac). They smelled so good when you first opened the bag and I always grabbed the yellow bars first, then the white, and finally the light purple. Hey, a pre-teenage boy has a image to keep up.

Imagine may surprise when I went to the post office and along with the letters was a sample bar of ZEST soap.

I could not believe a company could "waste" so much money sending out free samples of soap. Dumbest thing I had ever witnessed in all my (12) years.

I loved the soap and thought when I was old enough to buy my own soap it was what I wanted to purchase.

I have now been a loyal ZEST soap user for about 40 years. Now that is the way to advertise.


Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

I've also been a loyal ZEST user for more than 40 years...Where's my free bar of soap?

You know why I started using Zest? As a child we had to clean the ring out of the bathtub when we were through with our bath...WELL, Zest left no ring in the tub!

Michelle said...

We don't have that brand here however you raise a great point. I know those "screaming" ads are supposed to make us not forget....and true to their name they don't make me forget, but, i sure as hell refuse to purchase or go into a store with the screaming ads also. It really is the simple things that people appreciate.

Linda said...

I haven't delivered samples to everyone on the route in years (I remember delivering Zest samples, though). The manufacturers now target who they send to. How do they know? Scarey.

Carole Burant said...

I've always loved getting all these little samples through the mail...I know, I get pleased so easily! lol I prefer getting advertisements that way than having to watch a certain commercial over and over again!!

Annie said...

Now if a car company wants you to be a loyal customer, I think they should give you a sample car . . . maybe for a week or so. That might build some brand loyalty.

Kerri said...

What a neat thing to post about. We too have a particular auto sale outfit with ads that yell at you. I HATE that! All TV ads are too loud to begin with! There's a coupld of obnoxious guys who do these ads and they always finish with 'It's HUGE!' So of course, everyone up here uses that term now, including us :)
Now the soap people had a great strategy!
My hubby loves the Aflac (spelling?) insurance ads, with the duck :) They are funny.


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