Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Gloomy day

We have been needing rain for quite some time and finally received a little today. Day after day with no rain and I have been complaining.

This morning we had rain and patchy fog. Not dense fog but just enough to make the day "gloomy".

So in my usual fashion. I complain because it is not bright and shiny. I needed the sun to help with my "gloomy mood".

My son left for France and his year of teaching and my saddened heart really needed a nice day to cheer it up.

But on a lighter note. There must be a "Bus Conversion" rally starting or just finishing because I must have seen 12 to 15 rigs on I-30 heading east. They were all high dollar rigs even though some were 1970's model buses.


Kell said...

thanks for stopping by my blog -

I was just at a folk festival - and if you're needing to see more 70's rigs, busses, etc, I recommend finding a good festival!

Annie said...

Yesterday I went indoors to work while it was raining. When I walked out at 5, the sun was shining and the air felt cool and fresh. What a gift - rain and sun and cooler temperatures. After what we've been through weatherwise I felt so happy.

But I know that when it rains in one part of Little Rock, that doesn't mean it's raining elsewhere in Little Rock. Maybe the sun didn't shine yesterday in your area????

Wildside Musing said...

Cheers, from one gloomy day to another's... Overcast and cool here as well. No rain though. :-)

squire said...

Annie, it was raining when I headed for Texarkana but it cleared before I made it to Hope.

Carole Burant said...

I know how hard it was for you to see your son leave for's so hard to let go. Hope the sun will shine again for you soon to lighten up your heart:-)


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