Thursday, August 31, 2006


How do you park your vehicle at work? Suppose you park in such a way that when you come out and get in to leave you never see the back of your vehicle. Maybe you pull up to the sidewalk , get out, walk around the front and when you get off work you come down the sidewalk and get back in your vehicle and drive home. In this case, you would never see the back of your vehicle.

The reason I brought this up is a sign I saw taped to the tailgate of a pickup yesterday as I was leaving Little Rock. This was a homemade sign on white poster board paper and it was duct taped to the tailgate of a S-10 Chevy pickup. The sign used a magic marker and the words were hap-hazardly written. Now I may be wrong but I think if the driver of the S-10 had written this message he would have used "block letters" to show he really wanted it read.

My take on it is that a worker was playing a trick on him and he didn't know it was back there for everyone to read. The message on the sign is not important. If "he" put it there that is fine but if he didn't then I am sure he will not be a "happy camper" when he sees it.

Just a note about my "links"; I have Zac in France ( my son's blog about his adventure) and Sam's life story (self explanatory) feel free to check them out and comment. One more note. You may not want to go to my "life story" sight is you are "prudish" as I tell it like it is and not "sugar-coat" it.


Carole Burant said...

You realize now I'll be checking the back of MY car every day! lol Hopefully that guy will see the sign soon and remove it if he's not the one who put it there...sounds like it's not a very nice sign!! I'll go check out your son's blog and your other non sugar coated blog as soon as I have more time...I promise:-)

Annie said...

This is a different version of the old practical joke of secretly putting a note on someone's back.

Oh, I really want to know something about what the sign said.

Michelle said...

Hmmm, i guess i'm just too suspicous. I always check my car no matter where i park it, i always take note of the number plates next to me also, incase i have "dings" in the side of my car when i get back to it.


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