Thursday, August 24, 2006

I read this today

How can this be happening? If he overpaid by $10,000, they wouldn't give his money back.

At the very least he should keep the truck until the law decides. Put me on the jury and he keeps the truck and gets big money for "pain and suffering".

Plain and simple, the dealership "stole" this truck when they took it back.

The usual disclaimer; "Your opinion may vary."


Carole Burant said...

OMG I can't believe this dealership!! I agree with you 100%, that truck belongs to the buyer and it was theft when they came during the night to take it back!!! Hard to believe these kind of things are still happening in this day and age. Also, how can people keep going to that dealership if he's got so many complaints against him...I sure as heck wouldn't be going to buy a vehicle from him!! Please keep us informed if you hear anything else about this!! Have a great weekend:-)

Anonymous said...

I hope the judge throws the book at this dealer for this type of unethical business practice.

I will soon be flying to Raleigh, NC to pick up a car we just bought - maybe I'd better get the dealer to sign a statement attesting that the deal is actually "final" before I drive away with the car.


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